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Engagement Rate

What happens when a hook up leaves you hooked?

A top, workaholic lawyer.  An independent, ambitious marketing executive.  Neither was looking for anything more than a hook-up, so what happens when a hook-up leaves them hooked - on each other?

Jackson Callaghan leads his family's London law firm by example:  work hard then work harder.  Surrounded by his six siblings he's never needed the commitment of a relationship and is more than happy with his poker nights, occasional one night stands and owning the roads on his Harley until he meets Vanessa Moore.

Vanessa has no interest in anything other than growing her marketing company and breaking all ties from her ex.  The contract to rebrand Callaghan Green is her chance to showcase her talents, not end up in Jackson Callaghan's bed, on his kitchen work top and his sofa, amongst other places.  He's rearranging her world and she's not sure she doesn't like it.

But can two independent, ambitious workaholics ever manage to work  things out for each other, and with something possibly more important at stake: their hearts?

Engagement Rate is the first in the Callaghan Green series.  Each book is a standalone and can be read separately from the others.

White Knight

How can they fall in love in the present when secrets still hide in the past?

Back then things were simple, being together was easy and exciting. Back then, their only concern was keeping their relationship secret from her brothers. Until she had a choice to make; the hardest decision she'd ever had to face. 

Claire Callaghan has dedicated her adult life to two things: her career as a family lawyer and trying to move on from the love she had to give up.  Killian O’Hara has spent years fighting for his country, growing his business, and trying to forget how it ended back then, all the while wondering why Claire took herself out of his life, breaking his heart.  

But fate has a funny way of bringing the past into the present.

Claire’s latest case puts her in danger, not just from the man who her client needs to hide from, but from the man she’s had to leave behind. Killian can protect her, if she’ll let him, because being close to him reopens old wounds.  All he wants is to try again, to prove he’s the man she needs and maybe an explanation. 

However, even choices made long ago have consequences, and only Claire can decide if she can give both Killian and herself a second chance at the happily ever after they never had – back then. 

White Knight is the second in the Callaghan Green series.  Each book is a standalone and can be read separately from the others.

Compromising Agreements

She’s feisty. He’s fiery. Compromising is going to be a problem…

It began with an argument over a room and who was going to use it.

It didn’t end in that room.

It simply started.

Maxwell Callaghan has long since accepted his place as the bachelor of his family. Married to his career as a lawyer specialising in medical negligence and committed to lecturing in his subject, Max is in no way prepared for the sheer feistiness of the curvy Victoria Davies, admin extraordinaire and history PhD student.

Victoria Davies has a plan: to get her doctorate and a prestigious post abroad at a top university. What isn’t on her agenda is Maxwell Callaghan and in fact, she’d much prefer him not to be on anything - except maybe… her?

Two individuals, two different ideas about their futures, and enough heat to melt the arctic. But if they want that future to include each other, can a compromise be agreed?