Places in the Callaghans' London

Restaurants, Bars and Parks...

Callaghan Green, LLP is set in Borough, London.  Although its location is fictionalised, many of the places the Callaghan siblings go to are actual restaurants, bars and parks.  Some places are fictional, but it only seems fair to give a shout out to some of the inspirations for certain scenes in the books

The most popular restaurant for the Callaghan's to eat it at is Padella in Borough Market -

Padella serves fresh pasta with delicious sauces and Italian influences.  It's the restaurant of choice for all the Callaghan's.

Whisky Ginger is another well frequented place for the siblings -

It suits Claire's need for cocktails and Jackson and Max's whisky obsession.  Again it's in Borough Market!

OXBO is the favourite location for a Callaghan Sunday lunch, unless Marie has cooked it.  OXBO has a bottomless Sunday starters and desserts and bottomless prosecco for two hours.

TheVictoria and Albert museum is Vanessa and Jackson's first kind of date, with Gran in tow.  They do have an occasional Underwear exhibition; you can find the current exhibitions here:

The Hop Exchange is the venue chosen for Grant Callaghan's retirement ball.  It's a grade 2 listed building - which means you can't change it's features internally or externally - in Southwark.  IT was designed to be a single market area for people to deal in hops which are used in the brewing industry.  Now the building has been recommissioned and is used for functions.  More information can be found on wikipedia.

Borough Market is one of Annie's favourite places.  It's Britain's most renown food market and if you visit London you MUST go there.

Vanessa, the lead female character from Engagement Rate, is from near Bakewell in the Peak District.  Bakewell is a charming market town within the peaks, full of beautiful shops and cafes and home to the Bakewell Pudding.  The polar opposite to London, it is its equal in terms of history and charm - just not quite as big!