Engagement rate


What happens when a hook up leaves you hooked?

He’s gorgeous. He’s successful. And he’s technically my employer. Introducing Jackson Callaghan, who looks like no lawyer ever should.

I shouldn’t be noticing how he wears a suit, or thinking about what his hair looks like in the mornings. Instead, I’m meant to be sticking to just three things:

Growing my marketing business
Buying my cheating, arrogant ex out of said business
Never getting involved with anyone I work with. Ever. Again.

London, England. The residence of the queen, suited City boys and the man who won’t give up: Jackson Callaghan. With his tattoos and and a talent for charming, he’s set his sights on me, and his ambition extends to outside the courtroom… me.

Just one night won’t hurt, will it? A simple hook up isn’t really breaking my own rules.

But what happens when a hook up leaves you hooked?

ENGAGEMENT RATE is a steamy office romance with no cheating and a happily ever after. It's the first book in the CALLAGHAN GREEN SERIES, set in London, England.

Engagement Rate Playlist

At Most A Kiss - Blossoms

Something Just Like This - The Chainsmokers

No One Will Ever Replace Us - Courteneers

Naughty - Gwen Stefani

Diana - Paolo Nutini 

Renegades - X Ambassadors

Trip Switch - Nothing But Thieves

Woman - Harry Styles

Honey Sweet - Blossoms

My Friend the Devil - Audra Mae & the Almighty Sound